The Quill and Inkwell Site Rules

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The Quill and Inkwell Site Rules

Post by MsCalligraphy on Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:44 pm

Please read the following rules before joining our site. Thank you!

1] Please no illicit/sexual activity or threats. If you are found doing any sort of illicit/sexual activities you will be permanently banned from the site, no questions asked and no warnings. If you try joining under another account you will be banned again, no questions or warnings. ((If there is smut in an RP you will not be banned for it but do please mention under your RP rules smut is allowed and put a warning above the scene, not everybody wants to read that kind of stuff.))

2] Don't join our site and start stirring up drama and acting like a jerk. It will only result in a temporary ban for you or potentially a permanent ban depending on the situation. Bans will only be given out if we find said person((s)) guilty of stirring up drama or being mean towards someone.

3] Violent or harassing messages towards other members will result in a permanent ban, no questions or warnings.

4] If there is someone you do not like on here refrain yourself from being mean or rude to them and treat them as you would want to be treated. A temporary ban will be issued if you cannot refrain yourself from being hurtful.

5] If swearing is part of your vocabulary that is fine but do not use it against others and keep in mind not all people like swearing so keep it to a minimum and be mindful of what swear words you use around others. If someone says to refrain from swearing around them please respect their wishes.

6] Don't ask to be mod, asking will only diminish any consideration or chances you had of being mod.

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