Basic Rules for RPs

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Basic Rules for RPs

Post by MsCalligraphy on Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:23 am

When making your RP please make sure to include these rules on your list of rules. These are basic important rules to have in a RP and they keep everything smooth sailing. If you do not know what these rules are I will explain them and their importance below. Thank you!

1] No God Modding
God Modding is pretty much taking control of another persons character and doing whatever you please with them. In any shape or form this is annoying and should not be allowed in an RP. If the creator of a character in an RP is not responding/partaking in the story the creator of the RP may take control of the character to keep the story moving, but before doing so do try to ask the person why they haven't been replying, if there's no response within a reasonable amount of time continue on with the story and do whatever you please with the character.

2] "Talk it Out"
When it comes to story writing we all have ideas and want to share them and make them happen. If you have a idea that conflicts with the current story line try to talk it over with everyone writing in the RP and see if there's a way to work the idea in, but if not that's no biggie, just save it for another time. In general talk out any ideas you may have too.

3] The Flow of Things
Try to do your best in remembering your story and keeping everything flowing smoothly by tying up scenes and keeping little notes on what's going on and what you may want to do. If you can't remember what happened in the past few pages go back and read through them.

4] Paragraphs
When writing do your very best in writing out more than one paragraph, if you can't don't write it right that instant, just take your time and figure out the best way to write out your paragraphs.

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